devoxx Belgium 2017 - Day 3

Final day of devoxx Belgium 2017. Luckily, there were only three sessions that day, since it has been so much input until now that I couldn’t take much more.

How to build an event-driven, dynamically re-configurable micro-services platform

If you call yourself architect and like the ivory tower, then you might enjoy Sven Beauprez’s presentation on the architecture of their product. It’s all bubbles and clouds (not Cloud Computing). If you’re developer, just skip this one.

Troubleshooting & Debugging Production Microservices in Kubernetes

Watching Ray Tsang from Google and Baruch Sadogursky of JFrog was a fantastic show, even more entertaining than Josh Long & Mark Heckler the day before. And on top of this, they showed really cool stuff, e.g. adding logs to an already deployed application, running in production. If you’re running Kubernetes in production, or plan to do so, this is a must-see!

Java Language Futures – All Aboard Project Amber

In the final session of this year’s devoxx, Brian Goetz presented the stuff Project Amber is working on at Oracle. Even with the clear statement that for most topics it’s not yet decided when they will be added, this was really a nice outlook to the future of Java. And there is a lot of interesting stuff to come: local type inference, case classes (which will probably be named differently), sealed classes and pattern matching. If you have some spare time and want to know what’s on the horizon, this talk is also recommended for your playlist.

Final summary

Wow! Really really huge thanks to the team of the devoxx Belgium. It’s been a fantastic experience, packed with amazing talks. It held so much more input than I could see or soak up that I’m very happy that all talks are available on Youtube, and quickly. Trying to summarize it, I can only state that, in my opinion, the devoxx is THE conference to go to for Java developers. It’s community-driven, it offers very high-profile speakers, interesting topics centered around mainstream JVM languages, while still looking beyond the fence. And it offers a very nice atmosphere. Last but not least, with Kinepolis cinema it is held at a great location. As a reference to this, I’m wrapping up with this quote:

About the author

Dirk Jablonski is an experienced Java developer. He has deep DevOps knowledge and a strong passion for Kubernetes and cloud technologies.