ePages Now API Documentation

The ePages Now API is based on RESTful principles, allowing you to code in whatever language you prefer. It supports JSON media types and uses UTF-8 character encoding. The API uses the standard HTTP request types GET, POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE.

Making use of this API, you can create awesome apps or single shop connections for our product ePages Now. ePages Base developers: Don’t worry, the endpoints for our product ePages Base are also still covered. The API is designed to give developers a convenient way to access data contained within ePages Now shops. With a standard interface to store data, it is very simple to create applications that can communicate with our merchant’s shops.


Put your idea into action! Before you can start coding away, you’ll need to sign up for the ePages Developer Program and create a test shop. To use the ePages Now API you will need an application registration. Once submitted successfully, your app will be available to more than 100,000 online shop owners in the ePages App Store.

Get started and join the ePages Developer Program:

  1. Sign up for the Developer Program.
    • Enter your name and email address in the required fields.
    • Agree to the terms and conditions.
    • Check your mailbox for the login details from your registration.
  2. Log in to your test shop.
  3. Get your Client ID and Client Secret.

App activation process