ePages turns agile

Have you ever wonder how companies that are going the agile way are developing further over time? And how long it actually takes to get from level to level? Or how many companies achieve certain levels of agility?

Here are all the answers:

The picture shows the so called Agile Fluency Model (originally released by Diana Larsen and James Shore, read here for further information). The numbers are based on questions that had been asked to companies who changed to an agile methodology some years ago. The most impressive numbers are probably, that it takes a really long time to achieve two or three stars. It is astonishing that only 5% of all companies who decide to go the agile way, actually achieve a three star model.

Why is that interesting for ePages? ePages changed from Waterfall to Scrum in 2013. The Agile Fluency Model helps us now to find out, where we are standing in comparison to other companies who went the agile way.

The good news is that ePages is pretty far along the agile road, when looking at the time frames. We have already achieved the first star, sorting all our epics according to business value and rearranging teams to fit our different products. Now we are working hard to establish the second star. We have already managed to have a release package ready every two weeks, which is a huge step for the goal to deliver on the marked cadence. We are in closer contact than ever with our end-customers, for example in the ePages Academies or even by visiting them at their working places and doing questionnaires.

It is a long-term goal for us to continually improve our agile processes by getting faster rollout cycles and with that faster feedback and reach the exceptional third star.

About the author

Anja B. belongs to the epagesdevs content team.