Let's talk about numbers 2020

Two years ago, we published our blog post Let’s talk about numbers to give you an impression of the stuff we do and like here at ePages.

Some time has passed by now. So, I was wondering what has changed in the meantime: How many #womenintech do we have? What are the top 3 programming languages our developers are using? That’s why I’ve talked to our software developers, designers, UX experts, technical writers, POs, and scrum masters (again). Here’s the updated version of who we are and what we stand for:

Note: Some questions allowed multiple answers. This caused the total response percentage to exceed 100%.

About the authors

Aroso Mahaiuddin is a passionate content creator and loves crafting creative social media content.
Anne D. Zimmermann-Zwick is a multi-passionate frontend dude. She is keen on User Interface and Web Design, and loves to combine the art of design with the art of coding.