5 steps to make you feel comfortable in your new job

You’ve spent days and weeks perfecting your resume, preparing for interviews, and making a good impression at personal meetings. Now that the application process is over, and you’ve landed the job, it’s definitely time to throw confetti. But when the first working day at the new company approaches, you wonder what your first days, weeks, and months will be like. Being nicely welcomed and appreciated ensures that we fondly remember our first working day.

Here’s what we do at ePages to make you feel comfortable in your new job:

1. Coffee and croissants

Your first working day starts with a breakfast. You’ll receive a little welcome present, as well as a USB stick with all required company-related information.

In a relaxed atmosphere, we introduce ourselves and break the ice with a quick Q&A, for example:

  • What did you do before working at ePages?
  • What’s your native language?
  • What are your favorite movie and food?
  • What was the last concert you attended?

HR will give you a comprehensive introduction about ePages and how we do things here. You’ll receive a product overview, and a short demo of our software. Our scrum masters explain our workflows and team structures.

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You will be assigned a buddy, who will give you a helping hand during your first days and months at ePages. They will go to lunch with you, answer organizational questions, or anything that you’re not comfortable asking your team or supervisor. We will take you for a tour around our offices to introduce you to your team members and other colleagues from various departments.

2. “Thank god it’s Friday”-talk

At the end of the first week, you’ll have a relaxed meeting with your manager. You will have the chance to clarify open questions and give feedback. Your manager will reassure that you settle in well and have everything you need for your work. Of course, we’re also interested in your first days experience working together with your team.

3. HR coffee

After your first month with us, HR will invite you for a coffee talk, which is a good opportunity to tackle questions like these:

  • Does the job meet your expectations?
  • Do you feel comfy and appreciated?
  • Do you have any open questions, or need advice or support?
  • Is there anything that can be improved?

4. 100 days feedback

Well-done! You’ve passed half of your probation which is an important milestone. Our HR and your manager will sit together with you for a detailed feedback session with the help of a feedback form. You will self-assess your performance, and possibly identify areas for improvement. HR and your manager will do the same and you’ll then discuss the results together.

5. Final review

You’re about to complete your probation! One month before your probation ends, we’ll again review your development. At this point, we will have a look at the results from the 100 days feedback as well as your development within the past months. Subsequently, we will agree on your further career at ePages

Now you have an overview of what will happen during the first months with us. Our focus is to make you feel welcome and comfortable, and we want you to be part of our team, organization, and culture as soon as possible.

About the authors

Birgit Bader is an experienced Technical Communicator. Her heart beats for UI writing, localization, and API documentation.
Leana belongs to the epagesdevs content team.
Serena is a passionate Tech Recruiter, who enjoys talks about technologies, and believes in creating an awesome candidate experience journey.