Behind the scenes: Technical recruiting at ePages

In the last months, you have learned about what it’s like to be a developer at ePages. Now it’s time to ask our recruiter about her work here. Serena is our Senior Technical Recruiter at ePages and she will give us an impression of her work.

She was born in Indonesia and studied in Malaysia and the UK. After she completed her master’s degree in Information Systems, she moved to Singapore where she worked as a recruiter for six years.

You have lived in many countries and cities. Why Hamburg now?

I met my German husband in Singapore, but after a couple of years he found a job in Hamburg. So, after six months, I decided to go with him and did my intensive German language course in Germany. After a short while, I started my new job as a Senior Technical Recruiter at ePages.

How does your day at ePages look like?

My day starts at 9 o’clock with a plate of fruits and a glass of water while checking new emails and replying to candidates. I go through the applications that come in, do the screening and shortlisting, and categorize them in our database. If the candidate’s profile matches what we are looking for, I arrange phone or video or face-to-face interviews.

In a nutshell, I manage the entire recruitment process from getting the job requirements internally until the onboarding of new colleagues, as well as keeping the candidates and my colleagues updated on the progress or next step. In addition to this, I cover the basic HR administration and coordination tasks, communicate with external recruitment partners (e.g. job boards, universities and colleagues), representing the company at career events, etc.

Describe the work atmosphere at ePages in 3 words.

It’s hard to describe it in only 3 words. I would say the atmosphere at ePages is very welcoming, friendly and fun as well!

How does the application process look like?

First, all the applications go through a screening process, which means I read and go through each of the applications to check their suitabilities. Normally, applicants will get updates from me within 2 weeks, if they proceed to the next step or not.

In the 2nd phase, suitable candidates can expect to hear from me for either telephone or video interview, so I can understand their profile and interest better. Applicants who applied to join our development team will have to take on a coding challenge in order for us to have a better idea about their coding skills. In the next round, I invite them to a video or face-to-face meeting with me, the relevant team and our CTO.

When the candidate has successfully passed all the stages and fits into the team and company culture, the process ends with an offer to join us as a new ePagee!

Which contents of the CV are most interesting for you?

  • Relevant skills and work experience
  • Content of cover letter
  • Interests or hobbies
  • and last but not least: CV structure and layout

How can an applicant catch your attention or impress you?

With a well-structured layout! Apart from the required skills, the little things that the applicant wrote or added related to ePages, whether it is in the cover letter or CV. It is a plus, when I can see they know about the company and show real interest. In the interview, it’s more the chemistry, personality, way of communication, motivation, and how much passion they have in what they do.

Have you ever had a strange or funny application or interview?

Well, it’s kind of weird when applicants send a topless photo (no shirt or probably wearing tube top) or sometimes modelling photos, or show up for an interview in short pants and flip flops 😉.

Any advice to young professionals?

We always welcome applications from young professionals. If applicants don’t have so much experience, they should describe more of their results of course works from college. Skills they have acquired so far are interesting. The application should reply to the required skills of the job offer. Here’s another tip: be more specific. I want to know what the applicant wants to do or to learn.

About the authors

Julia belongs to the epagesdevs content team.
Serena is a passionate Tech Recruiter, who enjoys talks about technologies, and believes in creating an awesome candidate experience journey.