Working as a Software Developer at ePages

In the last months, you learned about what it’s like to be a Ruby Developer, a Java Developer, or a QA engineer at ePages in Hamburg. Now it’s time to ask a software developer in Jena about his daily work there.

Here’s his story:

Hello, my name is David, and I’m 29 years old. I have worked as a Software Developer at ePages since September 2014.

How did you get to know ePages?

When looking for jobs on the internet, I came across a job ad for a Java Developer position at ePages. I applied for the job and had a Skype interview with Mario Rieß, the Senior Vice President of R&D, where we talked about some general topics. I was then invited for a personal interview, during which I was also asked to solve a specific coding challenge related to Java and MySQL.

In the interview, I found out that I would have to code in PERL 😉. But however, working at ePages in Jena was the best choice I could have made! And I will be part of a newly established Java team in July.

What are your main tasks?

Together with my team colleagues, I’m responsible for adding new features to the ePages software, as well as maintaining it. I’m in close contact with the support team in Hamburg, as they receive the feedback from our merchants on shop behaviour, problems, and new customer demands. In addition, I’m writing Selenium tests to check if all of the new features work properly.

But besides those, you do a lot of other tasks. You have your hands in other projects too, haven’t you?

What should I say? I enjoy these tasks very much, and I’m used to multi-tasking 😉.

For example, keeping information up-to-date is important to me: either when it comes to documenting our code; or cleaning up Confluence, the company intranet.

Since the beginning of this year, I have also organised the ePages Partner Training. I restructured the agenda and adapted it to new requirements. The main aim is to approach partners, as well as potential app developers, and train them on how to work with the ePages REST API. Furthermore, I’m developing a PHP SDK for our REST API, which I also use for training purpose during the partner workshops.

So, yeah, I pretty much like to bring fresh motivation, and I’m always interested in improving stuff.

What does a typical work day look like?

I’m the early bird in the team. My work day starts around 7:00, so that I can work on my tasks without any disturbances. I check the pipeline and work through tasks on our Jira board.

We have our daily standup at 11:00. If there are no other meetings planned, I continue my work until lunch time.

In the afternoon, I work on Talisma tickets and normally finish work at around 16:00.

Can you say a few words about the communication between Jena and Hamburg?

We have a very good communication via HipChat. I’m connected in all the team rooms and receive a lot of information there. So I’m up-to-date most of the time.

Furthermore, we use Google Hangouts to connect with the teams in Hamburg or Barcelona. Every Friday, we have our R&D status meeting, where we exchange the week’s important topics.

What do you like at ePages?

ePages is like a family, which is really awesome!

I like the cooperation with other teams. You can give feedback to everyone, bring your own ideas, and people listen to you.

We have the option to do offsite meetings, which always turn out to be very productive and help strengthen the team.

About the authors

Birgit Bader is an experienced Technical Communicator. Her heart beats for UI writing, localization, and API documentation.
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