Why the grass is NOT always greener on the other side

If you are already an “old hand” in your company, or you are looking for a change and new experiences, you might consider a job change. Our colleague Romy felt the same and decided to leave… but she came back after a few weeks.

Romy really loved her colleagues, her tasks, and the overall working atmosphere. So it was a tough decision for her to leave. But she is always up for new processes and mindsets because being up-to-date is really important to her. She noticed that there is so much more to know and so many other ways to work in her field. It was important to her to make sure that she doesn’t miss anything and get stuck. That’s why she left - with sadness in her heart, but willing to earn new expertise. We have talked to her about the experiences she made while working at the new company, and, of course, about her comeback to ePages.

Hey Romy. We are glad to have you back on board! How do you feel about your comeback?

One might think that coming back after such a short time feels like a failure or a step back. But that’s not true for me. I liked my new job and my new colleagues, really learnt great new stuff and was able to gain new expertise. There are no bad things to tell about the other company. But it was not like ePages - a different feeling - not like coming home. I’ve been “the new one in class”. You might say that this is how it is when you start a new job. But when my phone rang, and ePages asked if I would be willing to come back, I didn’t think twice. I had too high expectations and, to be honest, I never gave the other company a chance.

The main reason to leave has been my fear to miss something and to stagnate. Due to that, the most important aspect for me was that ePages didn’t offer me my old job. They were looking for a different position. This meant that I had the chance to broaden my knowledge through different tasks than before. So, it was no step back but a new challenge. A new challenge in the company that I have already missed after I closed the door behind me.

How does a typical work day look like now?

Before I left, I was responsible for all kind of human resources management, such as e.g. payrolls. My new main task is being a recruiter. There are of course some old tasks, but also lots of new ones. The perfect match. The great thing about being a recruiter is that you can support new employees from the first second on. I am responsible to create an onboarding that facilitates their start. They should feel as a part of the ePages family, and love to go to work every day. I am already looking forward to this new challenge, and to all the new future employees I will talk to.

Do you have any advice for people who are in the same situation?

It doesn’t matter in which company you work or in which field, there will always be some people complaining about money, missing communication, or responsibility. So, ask yourself three questions before you leave:

  • Do I really want such a big change?
  • What do I expect from it?
  • What are my reasons to leave?

And also, think twice about the benefits of your current company. Maybe you take some things for granted, and you are not really aware of it. For example, you need to understand that not every idea can be realized, or that the working atmosphere is more familiar than it would be somewhere else. Thinking about that, you might find out that you do not really want to quit. That you are only looking for new challenges or want to broaden your knowledge. So, talk to your manager and have a look if you can change your position in your current company. But most important, find a solution that gives you a good feeling.

Thank you for these interesting insights Romy!

About the authors

Romy belongs to the epagesdevs content team.
Christina Gebken is a Localization Manager and TechWriter. She loves working agile, and writing new help articles for our software.