The basic media types the API supports are:


Content types

Request content type

Requests have to be encoded using the UTF-8 character set. When making a request that contains a body, the content type to be sent has to be specified in the Content-Type header. To send e.g. a JSON body the header would be: Content-Type: application/json.

Response content type

You can specify the content you would like to receive in an Accept header, e.g. Accept: application/vnd.epages.v1+json.

Payload structure

Request structure

The body of a JSON request is an object containing a set of key-value pairs. A simple JSON object could look like this:

    "productId": "54DBCA3D-8206-F601-3A43-AC13320B0202",
    "name": "jacket",
    "description": "Weatherproof."

Response structure

Responses have a similar structure as requests. If a request returns a single object, the response will also contain a single object including the fields for that resource. The response will contain links to available sub-resources, e.g. product images.

    "productId": "54DBCA3D-8206-F601-3A43-AC13320B0202",
    "productIdAvailable": true,
    "name": "Berghaus Paclite Jacket - Men",
    "images": [
            "url": "http://epagesj-vm02/WebRoot/Store/Shops/DemoShop/Products/be_404/be_404_blue.jpg",
            "classifier": "Large"
            "url": "http://epagesj-vm02/WebRoot/Store/Shops/DemoShop/Products/be_404/be_404_blue_xs.jpg",
            "classifier": "Thumbnail"
    "priceInfo": {
        "quantity": {
            "amount": 1,
            "unit": "piece(s)"
        "price": {
            "taxType": "GROSS",
            "formatted": "199.95 €",
            "amount": 199.95,
            "currency": "EUR"
        "depositPrice": null,
        "ecoParticipationPrice": null