How do I get support?

Need support to set up your test shop? Have a look at our Online Help. You will find helpful and detailed articles about handling ePages shops. Need support with the app development?

How do I get my API key?

First you need to sign up for our developer program. You will receive an email containing the credentials for your ePages shop. Once you have your test shop in place, you can create an app. You will be granted a Client ID, Client Secret and Access Token to immediately access the ePages API. Read here for further details.

What kind of apps can I submit?

In a first approach, we support 3rd party applications that connect via the REST API to ePages shops, allowing them to exchange data and allowing the merchant to work with these data.

From the eCommerce perspective, almost every kind of app that fulfils the technical requirements and that is an enrichment for our merchants can be submitted. We will then carefully review the app.

How does the approval process work?

When you’re done with coding and been through with testing your app successfully, you can login to our test shop and submit your app. Fill out the form and that’s it! We will carefully test your app and also review the information you provide us for the App Store. Give us some time for the review process. This may take a couple of days. When we’re done, we will contact you whether your app has been approved or not. If your app has been approved, we will provide it in the ePages App Store. If your app has been rejected, we will give you detailed feedback why. As soon as the required changes are done, you can submit your app again.

What is the API call limit?

Requests to the API are limited to 6000 calls per hour. The limit applies to all available resources. Find more detailed information in the API call limit section.

Is the API call limit per shop or per app?

The API call limit is per token.

How do I test my app before submitting it?

You can test your app within the ePages test shop. Make sure that the authorisation process works fine and that the app interacts properly with the ePages test shop.

Do apps have to take into account special considerations for certain browsers?


How long does it take to get the app listed in the App Store once the app is submitted?

For sure, we’re as excited as you are to include your app in our App Store. It can take up to 14 days.