Once you have your test shop in place, you can create a private app for a specific shop, and only for that shop.

You automatically receive a Client ID and a Client Secret when you create an app in your test shop. After successful authorisation of your app, you will be assigned an Access token.

Get your credentials

  1. In the sidebar of your shop’s administration area, click Apps.

  2. Click the tab Private apps.

  3. In the Private apps view, click Add. click-customapps.png

  4. Fill out the input field App name and choose the required App Scopes. Read here for further information on the scopes. Once this is done, click Generate access data. fillout-custom-appdata.png

  5. You will be assigned your App Scopes, a Client ID, a Client Secret as well as an Access token. The Access token is granted by your test shop, so that you can start accessing the ePages API immediately. testshop-custom-credentials.png

Happy coding!

Once this is done, you can start coding away. But when developing your app, please consider our API call limit.