You love to create awesome Ruby apps? You want to create understandable and easy code? To support you with that, we have developed the Ruby SDK. It speeds up your development and saves valuable time that you could use to create even MORE awesome apps.


The Ruby SDK allows to communicate with an ePages shop from the CLI or any Ruby framework. All you need to do is get yourself a Ruby installation and run this command:

sudo gem install epages-rest

To use the gem inside the Ruby interpreter you need to require it with:

require 'epages-rest'

To integrate the gem with a Ruby framework, add it to the gemfile:

gem 'epages-rest'


Create a shop endpoint:

shop =, shop_name, auth_token)

Just use it.

products = shop.products
sort_products = shop.products(sort: "name", results_per_page: 5)


Check our GitHub repository for all available examples.