Basic information

GET /{shopId}/legal/terms-and-conditions

Returns the terms and conditions of a shop.


OAuth 2.0 Token required with scopes:


URI parameters

Name Type Description
shopId string

The unique identifier of the shop.

Required: true
Example: DemoShop

Query parameters

Name Type Description
locale string

Represents the language code according to ISO 639-1 and the country code according to ISO 3166-1. If not provided, the shop’s default language is used. We recommend to always send this parameter with your request. If the default language had been changed in the administration, it might take up to 1 day until this change affects the shop.

Required: false
Example: en_US

Response attributes

Name Type Description

object of contentPage


HTTP 200

Media type application/json

  "name": "Terms and conditions",
  "navigationCaption": "Terms and conditions",
  "description": "Our terms and conditions shall apply exclusively.<br />We will not accept any conditions of the customer which are contradictory to or deviant from our terms and conditions."